Thursday, December 31, 2015

Courage in a Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, while our sons were still around to chop it down, muscle it into position, and reach the higher branches with lights and ornaments. A morning or so later I plugged it in before sitting down with a first cup of coffee. It was still mostly dark outside, the sun just creeping towards the horizon. But as I looked out the window at the birds starting to come to the feeder outside, I delighted to see the reflection of the lighted Christmas tree in the glass of the deck door! Every morning after that I deliberately plugged the tree in and looked for that reflection. I sensed that I needed it somehow to make it through the day.

Many around us struggled with real life issues this holiday season, be it a death in the family, a financial crisis or some sort, or a serious or extended illness. Some were tempted to just skip the celebration this year – to avoid the work and the stress, maybe jump into it again next year when they were feeling better or more in the spirit of things. But there's wisdom in the lyrics of a song that have been dancing around my mind of late. Truly we've “grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, grown a little older. ...(we) need a little Christmas now.”

We needed the joy and laughter of visiting friends and family, especially when missing some of the same. The lightheartedness of the season was good for those whose own hearts were heavy. And singing along to Christmas songs with excited kids brought needed smiles to faces prone this year to frown. Especially when dark days are upon us and we face difficult weeks ahead do we need a reminder of the meaning of the season...the birth of a Savior Who came to give us hope and salvation...tangible evidence of how very much our loving Father cares about the difficulties we are going through. As I worked my way through a crazy December, it was comforting to see the reflection of the Christmas tree in my every busy action, a reminder that God was with me (Immanuel!) and oh, so very near.

Lots of people put their Christmas trees up early this year. I thought we did so just because our sons were home to help. But maybe God wanted to remind us that His Son had come to help... help us cope, give us hope, and change our futures forever. And if the sight of a Christmas tree could deliver that message, then so be it.

But let's not pack away God's glad tidings with the ornaments and other decorations as we end this season and get ready to jump into the next. I printed the picture of the tree's reflection to paste inside the front cover of the new journal I'll start on January 1st, where I will see it each morning when I open the book...a reminder that God wants us to carry on and continue strong. To do so, we simply need a little Christmas...all year long.

So then, we are always full of good and hopeful and confident courage...”
(2 Corinthians 5:6 AMP)

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